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VC Inc. Marketing's ideas on messaging, sales support, marketing strategy, and p.r. have appeared in such media outlets as Fox News, MSNBC, Adweek, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, & many more.

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Fox News

5 Business Success Lessons of Louis C.K.

The lessons that have driven Louis C.K.'s amazing achievements are universal, and professionals in any industry would benefit by borrowing pages from his well-written scripts for success.

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Fox News

Top 5 Mistakes That 'American Idol' Contestants Make

Many of the aspiring stars on 'American Idol' would fare a whole lot better if they improved their sales presentation skills.

Here are 5 recommendations of what they need to do to continue their journeys.

Fox News

How One Word Can Kill Your Career

(Spoiler alert: the word is "no".)