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VC Inc. Marketing's ideas on messaging, sales support, marketing strategy, and p.r. have appeared in such media outlets as Fox News, MSNBC, Adweek, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, & many more.

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Wiifm trump article

WIIFM: Five Letters that Explain Trump's Continued Popularity Among His Supporters

Why do Donald Trump's fans across America continue to embrace him? The answer is a sales industry acronym called WIIFM.

Wah article

Profile: Rafe Gomez, VC Inc Marketing

VC Inc. Marketing's Rafe Gomez shares tips on how solopreneurs can efficiently market their offerings, operate their organizations, and maximize their productivity.

Sum logo article

How Startups Can Boost Sales and Search Rank Using SEO P.R.

A five step SEO + P.R. methodology = competitive edge, big ROI, & incoming $$$ opportunities.

Trump article

Trump Purposely Ignored 4 Golden Rules of Sales and Marketing

He knew voters were tired of being wooed and campaigned to in the typical way. So he disrupted the typical approach.

Tdn article

Seasonal PR tips for hoteliers from industry pros | TravelDailyNews ...

Innovative ideas to generate media coverage about your property that can build marketplace awareness as well as other valuable benefits.

Negan article

4 Leadership Lessons From Negan, the Latest Villain on 'The Walking Dead'

Negan’s winning strategy can be of value to execs and managers in any organization. Here's how.

Hotelsmag logo article
Investment Executive

How Sales Support PR Can Deliver Added Revenue

Sales support P.R. can boost guest bookings, increase F&B revenue, and attract new event/meeting/celebration clients for hotel properties. Here's how to do it.

Ts publicity shot   rsz article

5 Blasts of Rockin' Business Wisdom From Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister did a lot of other things right to sell over 10,000,000 albums around the world. Here are five examples of their righteous recipe.

Falling sales article

An SEM-Only Approach Can Be Fatal To Your Sales

Exclusively relying on search engine marketing, without also having a content creation strategy in place to support it, can kill your company's sales.

Bling keywords article

How to Divert Competitors’ Customers With ‘Bling’ Keywords | Cision

Combining PR storytelling with search engine marketing can make both tactics many times more valuable.

Shout out article

Case Study: Divert Your Competitors’ Customers With S.O.S.O. (Sort Of Shout Outs) | Cision

Done correctly, sort of shout-outs could help to add enduring value, customer appeal, and ROI to your press releases.

Failure article
NY Daily News

Education reformers need to learn basic marketing lessons

The reason education reform results in public schools have been ineffective is that the marketing and implementation of the reformers' ideas have been deeply flawed.

Sales and marketing logo 2012 article

A Not-So-Secret Sales Weapon |

Can p.r. be strategically leveraged by B2B firms to generate incoming inquiries, leads, and sales? Most definitely! It can also energize offline sales, activate old or uninterested prospects, and stimulate the beginning stages of buyer’s journeys from new customers. Here's how to do it.

Lessons core article

Five Marketing Lessons That the Common Core Initiative Should Have Followed

Could the Common Core and its associated PARCC assessment tests had more support among parents, teachers, and students? Absolutely. Here's how they should have done it.

Radioink logo 1 article

Does Your Radio Station's Marketing Kind of, You Know - SUCK? (Part 1/3)

Radio marketers need to re-examine familiar methodologies and question long-held assumptions in order to deliver results.