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VC Inc. Marketing's ideas on messaging, sales support, marketing strategy, and p.r. have appeared in such media outlets as Fox News, MSNBC, Adweek, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, & many more.

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Trump article

Trump Purposely Ignored 4 Golden Rules of Sales and Marketing

He knew voters were tired of being wooed and campaigned to in the typical way. So he disrupted the typical approach.

Negan article

4 Leadership Lessons From Negan, the Latest Villain on 'The Walking Dead'

Negan’s winning strategy can be of value to execs and managers in any organization. Here's how.

Ts publicity shot   rsz article

5 Blasts of Rockin' Business Wisdom From Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister did a lot of other things right to sell over 10,000,000 albums around the world. Here are five examples of their righteous recipe.