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Zigging when the pack is zagging.

VC Inc. Marketing's ideas on messaging, sales support, marketing strategy, and p.r. have appeared in such media outlets as Fox News, MSNBC, Adweek, Marketing Profs, Entrepreneur, & many more.

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How To Create B2B Lead Gen Podcasts that ROCK!

When it comes to content creation, content marketing, and B2B lead generation, podcasts truly rock. Problem is, most companies are clueless about how to create podcasts that deliver results.

When written, produced, and optimized correctly, they can build awareness, generate leads, and increase sales for your organization.

Here's how to do it.

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25+ Experts Share Their Social Media Tips

Scroll to #26 for Rafe's top ten tips.

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The Secret to Creating and Marketing Content That Hacks Your Competitors’ Customers

Here's a simple and effective way to improve your content creation, content marketing, and b2b lead generation results - all at the expense of your biggest competitors.